Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Walk

I don’t understand the world better now that I add another point to my age. What’s different now is that I know I’m holding on to something undefeated, so firm, so true, so beautiful, and the best part, to something that is everlasting.

No matter how screwed I was, He forgives me anyway, He pulled me so hard back to Him anyway, He didn’t give up on me anyway, most of all, He still loves me anyway.

I didn’t lose anything nor anybody, as He planned every detail of the story of my life just great. I lost myself, that was what happened. Losing grip, burried in worries and fears. Lack of faith, lack of heaven-connection, lack of daily communication.

I’m so thankful and grateful, so much that my limited brain can’t form the words I meant to say to You. It’s way beyond beautiful, more than earthly lovely and happy.

I’m so far from being the person I shall be, but I promise You that I am not who I was anymore. Your love changed me, changed my whole life.

I’m not completely healed and maybe never will, but I know I’m doing great for I always hunger for Your truth. Truth that brings hope, hope that guides my heart to You and You only.

I’m proud to be Your child and sealed by Your grace.

I forgive my past, let go my pain and I survived, I’m steadily walking forward holding Your hands.

Thank You, dear Lord for the best birthday gift ever: faith by Your grace! You are just beyond awesome.

Casually speaking: LOVE YOU TONS!