Monthly Archives: August 2016

Happy birthday, Papa.

Not a single day in the last two years that I have not missed you. Life happens and sometimes you are not in my mind. Sometimes. But you are always clinging in my deepest thought and always come out in the right time. I’ve been well, Pah, but then today is your birthday and it saddens me. Because this is one of those times when I can strongly¬†feel your presence in my heart, in my mind. It made me realize that I’ve been busy and happy, but you’re not here to see that. You’ve been away for almost two years, and I’ve mastered the art of making peace with my own heart, with my own thoughts, with my own feelings, with my own tears.

Hope you’re having a festive celebration up there. Sing your favorite songs, salsa dancing. Eat your favorite meal with beer on the side. Perhaps also watching tons of Steven Seagal movies. Sounds just too lovely.

I love you. Happy birthday and rest in peace in heaven, Papa.