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O Sole Mio, Papa!

My dad used to love to sing a song whenever he was given a chance to. One of the songs that he loved was an old tune titled O Sole Mio, which is an old naples song.

It simply means My Sun.

Elvis Presley also made this song famous in English version called It’s Now or Never. The original version of this song is basically Italian, Napoli to be exact.

Dad was always fond of Italian language, he loved how it sounds, and of course the gesture while it’s being spoken. A little bit of background, my parents lived in Germany and Holland for more than 10 years before I was born. When my Dad was working in a factory while he was in Germany he told me that he often hung out with his fellow Italian co-workers. That’s how he got his first exposure to Italian culture.

Long story short, my Dad loved this song so much and loved to sing it as well. To give you a bit of an image how did it look when he sang, here’s a picture of my beloved Dad singing:

Today is his birthday, August 12th. I want to celebrate it by listening to one of his favorite tune, O Sole Mio. This one’s is a more modern version of it and it has cha-cha beat to dance to. My Dad was a great dancer too, but I’ll share the story some other time.


Oh how I miss you, Papa, sole mio. Let me weep and have my tears drying to send my prayers to you up there. Sing with the angels and think of me when you do.

Buon compleanno, o sole mio!


A letter to my father

Hi Pah,

how is it going up there? I’m imagining you are sweeping the garden there wearing your short and your towel shirt and headband. Afterwards you will just take a shower and a nap. Later on, you will make yourself a cup of tea and talking to people. You always know how to make people laugh and make them feel as if your presence is a dear warm sunlight.

I always picture heaven with big gardens and colorful flowers blooming everywhere. And you were always fond of this scenery. I don’t know why you loved sweeping the garden so much, every time I asked your answer had always been: “In Shaolin Temple, the first lesson for the monks was to sweep the garden.” You said it’s a test whether you would do the smallest thing with sincerity and the best intention. Point taken.

I’ve been going ups and downs since you left. I miss you every day. Every night. I found it even hard for me to sleep sometimes, because I kept thinking about you and wondered whether you are also thinking about me. Now that you’re gone, I’m remembering and analyzing what you have done all your life. It always ends with a thought of how grateful I am to be your daughter. That I got to learn so many beautiful things from you, a very kind-hearted person.

Sometimes when disappointment knocks on my door and I feel really sad, I think about why can’t I be careless and be more logical about things. But then I thought, I’m my father’s daughter. You put a lot of piece of you in me and there’s no way I will change that.

You always said that a small start is also a start and it will grow bigger every time I add a piece of my heart into it. Even when I’m sweeping the floor. It might be a tiny job to do, but then you pointed out that when we do it wholeheartedly, it will be so meaningful as if it has invisible touch of love. You have always believed in kindness that it confused me sometimes why you let people abuse your kindness. Then you told me “when it doesn’t work the way you want it, but you have done all your good, you will be ok. Even when it takes awhile for your heart to be ok.”

You taught me that it’s ok to get hurt from putting all your heart into something. You told me that something will hurt so bad only when I love that much. Even then, the pain will turn into a beautiful thing, because I will always end up knowing that I actually have a really big heart and am so capable of sharing that much of love.

Vermisse dich sehr, Pah. Ich schreibe dir etwas anderes mal.