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Don’t Let Me

God, please hold my hand and walk with me.

This is the worst after quite sometimes.

Show me the way and I’ll keep on going with You no matter what.

Let my faith grow bigger over my pain.

If this is the time when I have to water the seeds I planted, let it flow like a river.

Shower me with Your grace and let the joy and peace live in my heart today, this moment, and forever.

I don’t understand, but let me be.
What matter is that I’m standing firm holding Your hand.

Looking forward and setting my eyes on our Father’s kingdom.

Let the calmness greet me for I know that You will never leave me.
That You will even carry me if You have to.

Don’t let me forget what I believe in.

To keep on going. To walk with You.


31.03.2012 ~ 19.31
Up in the beautiful sky You created