It was quite a while ago when I had the biggest turning point in my life. I got to really experience and realize God’s love for me when I hit rock bottom. My life has changed. As weird as it may sound, but I’m grateful that I hit that bottom in the past. And at that time, I made up my mind that I was going to put my words into real action. I said that this time, it has to be real. I’m going to walk that talk.

Previously, He was only my last resource and even at that time He was too kind to me. He’ll pull me out of the misery then I will go back to my old life. Like a little child who cried and begged for something and will go happy and forget about everything once the request has been granted.

But as we all know that He is the master of restoration. He took my hand, closed my open wound, healed my pain, wiped my tears, told me how much He loves me, explained why He let me shed tears like a river, and offered me a second chance. He asked me to stand up and walk again, only this time He asked me not to let Him go, ever. He said I have to trust Him, really believe in Him. So I did and I’m still on that walk until now. He made all things new and surely He did make a new me.

You know what is best about faith? You acknowledge that in the past Jesus had gone through all things you are scared of today so that He can tell you how to handle all that. Let’s just say fear of rejection, betrayal, loneliness, physical pain, being looked down, and everything you have in mind right now, He mastered it. He had prepared everything; open the path and now we just have to go through it and even better He walks with us so that we won’t get lost.

So let’s not looking back to our past, it’s over. Let’s not waste that cross. I am strong for God is with me.

If God points one direction for me to take, I will go.

Even if the only person I will find on that road is my self, I will keep on walking.

I will move forward.

Even if I have to go through bumpy road…

Even if the path is pitch dark…

I will move forward.



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